Behind the Shadow CD Cover

Behind the Shadow

Steffen Presley

Produced by Steffen Presley

Steffen Presley: acoustic and digital pianos;
synthesizers; clarinet; alto saxophone

artwork by S. Presley

Recorded at E Ticket studio, Hollywood 1996.
Ambidextrous Insanity recorded at Crystal Sound studios, Hollywood 1974 on a Steinway B concert grand piano.

Terraform Records

grand piano

This album was conceived to feature a selection of my piano compositions and performances. Pieces composed over a twenty-five year period were carefully chosen for this album based on the most serious intensity of personal musical statements. Complete printed scores for all of the compositions on this album are available from the composer.

Please visit the Composer's Notes Page, where you can read details about each composition.

"The played with convincingly solid technique. His ideas are pointedly imaginative"
--Titus Levi; Keyboard Magazine (Oct.1996)

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