Terraform Records



Electronic music from the very far
edge of the Solar system
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produced by and featuring
Steffen Presley

New video: Cryogenic Dream

CD cover "Saxophone Favorites"
A collection of popular
saxophone instrumentals
arranged for alto sax
with piano accompaniment
and more.
In Our Time Machine "In Our Time Machine"
3 Legs On Wheels
Ripping Hammond organ with
alto sax and soulful vocals
with a tasty live sound.
Piano Favorites "Piano Favorites"
A versatile collection of
popular and original piano pieces
Steffen Presley
Bent Branes "BraneWorld"
Bent Branes
Sophisticated rock and soul, with horns!
Behind The Shadow "Behind The Shadow"
compositions for solo
and accompanied piano
by Steffen Presley
Convergence "Convergence"
Progressive New Age
Steffen Presley
Tale of the Comet "Tale of the Comet"
An adventure in space
concept album; 1990
Steffen Presley
The Nutcracker Suite "The Nutcracker Suite"
Semi-conducted by Steffen Presley
Thrust "Thrust"
vintage keyboard based
band project
excavation The Excavation
songs by Steffen Presley

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